PD Foods is located in IZMIR, the beautiful city of Turkey, based among many farms. The idea of “Power Fruits” was born in the kitchen of our 20-year-experienced food engineer, and they were first hand-made products.

Resulting from the big interest in our products, we decided to produce them in our humble factory in the same caring way.

In our products, we tend not to use any additives or sugar. They are all GMO and Gluten Free, Kosher, Halal, Vegan, and Natural except the yellow apricot. Sulphur has to be used for giving apricot its yellow color.

We get the fruits from their original and best known places. For example, we get apricots from MALATYA, the city of Turkey world-famous for its apricots, and figs from AYDIN, where figs of best quality are found.

The fruits are sourced from our approved farmers and are subject to careful quality checks; we select only the best ones for our products.

Through our agreements with the farmers and the certificates we hold, we also produce ORGANIC products.

Our aim is to produce natural foods safe for our children and family.
Health is our investment in future…